The company was founded by Giovanni Bertino in 1963, as a sole proprietorship, to work mainly in the sector of small maintenance works on the Turin - Quincinetto motorway. In the years when the boom of the Italian economic miracle took a downturn, an entrepreneurial challenge emerged in which what mattered immediately was the need to get things done, the meaning of work, sacrifice, constancy, professionalism and the ability of the workers. In 1980, the company took on the legal form of company limited by shares and in 1992 the company name was changed to the current Cogeis spa.

Growth and innovation

From its founding to the present day, the company has seen many changes. The new generations have understood how to invest in the quality of work, in continual technological innovation, the organisation of people and technical resources in a timely and efficient manner. The company’s challenge is to update, adapt and invent new and increasingly advanced methods. This focus on improvement has led Cogeis spa to be among the most qualified and successful Italian companies in the execution of large projects, in Italy and overseas.

Human capital

Alongside its continual search for growth, Cogeis places an authentic “belief”: company pride, a sense of belonging. Today, companies that grow are those that invest in human capital. For us, that means putting each company employee in a position to know how to, grow professionally, innovate and create as part of a group. Indeed, we believe that the factors that help determine the success of a company depend not only on the degree of customer satisfaction, but also on the ability that every employee has together with the organisational structure to put into practice projects and ideas with passion, creativity and competence.

7 Fundamental values

For Cogeis there are 7 fundamental values in terms of human resource: trust, listening, openness, transversality, consistency, creativity and talent. Values emphasised in the company to the point that allows active cooperation, the definition of common objectives and the ability of mutual commitment.

A certified commitment

Health, safety, quality and training are our commitments. The company has received the main national and international certifications, in accordance with standards UNI EN ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001, which allows it to guarantee the management and control of all the company processes within the schemes of Quality, Environment and Safety and to continually improve its performances, to meet the expectations of all the resources and individuals involved.

A certified commitment

We work within an alliance of quality, environmental protection and labour rights, aware that the winning challenge of tomorrow is a new “ethic”, capable of inaugurating a future of progress, sustainability and social justice. Cogeis wants to now give a comprehensive and concrete response to this challenge and the economic, cyclical and structural difficulties of our country can only convince us to speed up the pace.