Tunnel Segments

During the last years COGEIS realized that Segment engineering is a process that represents an important part of the tunnel project (the installation of segments while the TBM progresses requires a constant supply of segments, any stopping of the TBM due to lack of segments or poor segment quality is disastrous). Fot his reason Cogeis decided to be autonomous as far as precast concrete segments for tunnels is concerned, and this for both the design concept and their production. Since 2012 Cogeis has invested on a team of men who enriched Cogeis of their long experience in production of precast concrete segments. Since then this team with Cogeis has finished successfully or is manufacturing  precast segments for  important works. Since then, this team has successfully completed and has in progress important work producing prefabricated segments for large underground jobs with plants erected near the construction site.

TERNA SPA - Works for the electric submarine high voltage trasmission lines between Sicily and Calabria - Number of rings: 2.600 - Tunnel lenght: 2800 m - Internal diameter tunnel: 3.20 m

LTF – LYON TURIN FERROVIAIRE - Construction of the  access tunnel of Saint Martin de la Porte - FRANCE - Number of rings: 5825 - Tunnel lenght: 8750 m - Internal diameter tunnel: 9.9m